The next wave of blue chemistries

The next wave of blue chemistries

At Cordelia Biosciences, marine microbes are our leading biotechnologists!

We harness nature’s 3.8 billion years

of R&D to discover and create truly

ocean friendly chemical solutions.

Using biotechnology,

we unlock new potential in

marine microbes to optimize

the chemical industry

Our Team

Jessica Tittl Nielsen

Co-founder &

Chief Executive Officer

Monica Schul

Co-founder &

Chief Science Officer

Mark Bell

V.P of Business Development

Emma Formet

Scientific Technician

Rocky Villanueva

Scientific Intern

Hannah Huesby

Finance Intern

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Our Advisors

Elizabeth Gadsby, PhD

Founder, eGad Innovation

Tony O’Lenick

Founder, Siltech Corp

Venkat Madabusi

Director of R&D, Open ​Innovation, Evonik (retired)

Contact Us

Jessica Tittl Nielsen

Co-founder CEO

Monica Schul

Co-founder / CSO

Mark Bell

VP Business Development

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News & Updates

May 2024


Introducing Red Sea...

Our natural red dye that boasts exceptionally high yield. The dye was discovered while working on our SeaGrant-funded project focusing on sustainable preservatives. It underscores the vast potential of our microbes, showcasing the diverse range of valuable compounds they can produce. Our next steps are testing for safety and compatibility.

Red Sea can replace harmful red dyes in every day products, from cosmetics to food, and even the clothes that you wear. Stay tuned for further updates as we delve deeper into harnessing the full potential of our portfolio.

top news

  • We did it! We won the grand prize at The Big Idea business plan competition! We were also excited to receive the Sustainable Impact Award.
  • We’ve added a new chemical to our portfolio! A natural Red Dye with a very high yield. This month we’ll start safety testing so we can introduce the dye to the market.
  • We grew our team! Cordelia welcomes our Scientific Technician, Emma Formet.

Success at EarthX

At the end of April we had the opportunity to present at EarthX. The feedback was resoundingly positive. One industry leader quoted: “We were just with this team in Dallas at EarthX . After a good showing in Dallas they hit a home run at UF. This is a company to watch over next 3 years!”

Edition #1

April 2024

a new wave: from biome future to cordelia biosciences

2024 Q1 Newsletter


Biome future is ​now cordelia ​biosciences

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Biome Future is now Cordelia Biosciences! This change is more than a new name; it represents the power of ocean microbes to create sustainable, innovative chemical solutions for our planet.

We celebrated a year of achievements in ​2023, from R&D advancements to ​strategic business development. We’re ​positioning for expansion as we build out ​our team and secure additional funding ​for a cleaner future.

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2023 in review ​& what the ​future holds

Biome future is now

cordelia biosciences


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We’re on a Mission

We’re on a mission to bring the next wave of blue chemistry to our customers! We harness nature’s 3.8 billion years of R&D to discover and create ocean friendly chemical ingredients so our customers can create responsibly. Our vision is to create a future where sustainability is inherent in every chemical solution.

why cordelia?

Our Founders

Cordelia Biosciences was founded by two marine biologists with a passion for creating chemistries that are safe for people and our planet.

Jessica Tittl Nielsen

Chief Executive Officer

Monica Schul

Chief Science Officer

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The name Cordelia, meaning “heart” or “jewel of ​the sea,” perfectly encapsulates the essence of ​our vision. It signifies our core commitment to ​sustainability and our profound connection to the ​natural world, particularly the oceans.

Close-up underwater soft coral on the tropical coral reef at Hon Yen National Park in Phu Yen province, Vietnam
Sea slug


2023 in reveiw

Business Update

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In 2023, Cordelia Biosciences secured over $30k in nondilutive funding and approximately $100k worth of equipment to fuel our R&D. We’ve identified key markets for our flagship preservative ingredient and developed our paths to market. These efforts have allowed us to make strides in the development of our ocean-safe chemical portfolio and AI-powered chemical innovation pipeline.

2023 Big wins!

  • StartGNV 2023 Rising Star Startup
  • Ocean Exchange Collegiate Award
  • Rice Business Plan Competition Investment Prize
  • UF AI Days Pitch Competition, 2nd Place
  • Sea Grant R&D Contract
  • BioFlorida Moonshot Company
  • UF Luby Grant
  • Opened Lab at UF Innovate | Accelerate
  • Identified Target Microbes for Antimicrobial Extraction

R&D Update

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Cordelia Biosciences marked a significant milestone in October 2023 with the opening of our lab at UF Innovate | Accelerate at Sid Martin, securing access to $1.7 million in shared scientific equipment. Since then, we’ve increased our resources to provide over six months of runway for our product development. Through genome mining, we identified our target microbes for our antimicrobial chemical and began extracting and testing ingredients in Q1 of 2024.

Brown Coral Reef in Blue Water


Q1 2024

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We’re Growing!

In addition to making big strides in our tech development, in Q1 Cordelia has grown our team. In March, we hired a VP of Business Development to help build out our growth strategy. Mark Bell has 20 years of finance and sales experience and brings valuable business expertise and insights to our team.

We’re continuing to grow our team in Q2, currently hiring a laboratory technician to help ramp up our product development.

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Come See Us

In the coming months, Cordelia Biosciences is set to make waves!

  • We will be in Fort Lauderdale to give a talk for Florida Atlantic University’s Biotech Bridge program on April 8th.
  • Cordelia will be pitching at EarthX 2024 on April 25th. EarthX is the world’s largest green gathering held annually in Dallas, Texas. We’re excited to pitch in their Blue Impact Startup Pitches round.
  • Cordelia was accepted to pitch at TechConnect World Innovation in June, one of the largest biotechnology conferences on the planet.
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